Delivery, payment and ordering instructions


How’s the payment?

You have the following payment methods available to us:

  • Cash on delivery

You will pay the ordered goods at delivery with cash or credit card to the GLS delivery service. , for orders over € 25, delivery is free.

  • Payment with cards

VIn the online store we accept payments with bank cards: MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Diners and American Express. When choosing a payment, choose a payment method: payment cards and enter the debit card number and validity date in the relevant boxes and confirm your purchase.
When using the Visa or MasterCard cards, it is necessary to enter 3 digit code. The 4-digit security code on the back of the card, to the right of your card number. The cost of delivery is € 1.50 and for orders above € 25, delivery is free. Delivery service in this case is Pošta Slovenije.

  • PayPal

It allows PayPal users quick and easy payment. The cost of delivery is € 1.50 and for orders above € 25, delivery is free. Delivery service in this case is Post of Slovenia.


How about delivery?

For our packages, GLS most parcels are delivered two days after ordering, and within three days after order, all packages are delivered. They also provide Saturday delivery to most households. If you are not present at the address mentioned above, you can arrange for a reshipment or takeover in any GLS Packet or gas stations. If you receive a package with Post of Slovenia, you will receive the package at your nearest post office.

At GLS, they are aware of the pace of modern life, so they have prepared a wide range of services to perfectly tailor the sending and receiving of parcel parcels to your desires and needs. They offer many alternative forms of delivery on a daily basis:

  • delivery at selected time periods(delivery by 10 am, after 4 pm, between 6 pm and 8 pm),
  • delivery to the selected address (to work, to a relative, to a neighbor …),
  • delivery to any service station,
  • before calling the package, call the addressee or send an SMS,
  • the possibility to agree for a new delivery date (if the package was not served),
  • delivery to a pre-arranged space (on the terrace, under a roof, into a shed …),
  • GLS package

With GLS packages, you can easily get your packages without any queue or crowd. Discreet, fast and convenient! Take advantage of the many benefits offered by GLS Paketomat:

  • 24/7 accessibility: you can pick up and send your package without any queues or crowds and pay ransom with your bank or credit card 24/7;
  • speed: only 7 seconds are required to get the package;
  • simplicity: you receive an SMS with a unique code (PIN) and a QR code for picking up the package;
  • complete discretion: It does not matter what you order, send. Only the addressee receives the access code;
  • security: Unique code to open the drawer;
  • information: get informations through SMS and e-mail.